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If you or a family member require care and have to pay for it then you are facing not only one of the most expensive purchases that most of us will ever make but you will also be faced with making decisions on a complex subject matter that few people have any knowledge or experience of.  Wrong decisions can result in massive costs.

An amazing 90% of families DO NOT receive any help, information or guidance on this situation so we have formed Care Funding Guidance to solve that problem.


So what do we do?

  • Firstly we have the only practical guide on how to meet your care fees in the UK and it’s freely available to all.  Either download it from this website or call us and we’ll send you one.

  • Probably the most important thing we do is listen to you.  If you tell us what your situation is we will provide you with a very high level of expert guidance on what your options are likely to be.

  • We doubt you’ll remember everything we tell you though so we also confirm everything for you in a short plain English report.  If you need several copies for other family members just let us know.

  • And finally, it’s free.  Our service is subsidised by the Financial Services industry so our service to you is completely and utterly free.

FREE guides available:

image of the care funding guidance brochure dispenser

Helping Self Funders Make The Right Choices

The 6 options for you to consider when deciding the best way of paying for care.

Helping To Plan The Cost Of Live-In-Care

The 4 main ways of creating an income to meet the cost of care in your own home.

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